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skyrocket Media is a content and media marketing company. We establish relationships with millions of health conscious consumers worldwide and help brands connect with their true target audience. skyrocket creates meaningful content that changes peoples lives. We don’t promote products, we create connections with real people and serve them the things they actually want.

We build digital platforms

...and deliver meaningful editorial and video content that consumers are actually looking for.

We create relationships

...and server targeted connect to millions of people around the world.

We make thought-leaders

...and give forward-thinking minds the audience they deserve.

What we do


We create and publish kick-ass independent media platforms around conscious living, fitness and technology.


We partner with thought leading brands and individuals to build awesome products that match the exact needs of our communities.


We develop new technologies to make digital media consumption less boring, more engaging, and generally more freaking rad.


We build highly engaged communities on social media and around our fast-growing media outlets.


We partner with the most talented and inspiring people around, to create meaningful video and editorial content.


We give the most forward-thinking people out there a platform to make a change and inspire millions.

Our platforms & products


With close to 1 million monthly page impressions, 100.000 email subscribers and over 200.000 social media followers, DoYouYoga.com is one of the largest and the fastest-growing yoga & lifestyle platforms on the web.

Website / Facebook / YouTube


With over 6.000 registered users, MyYogaPro changes the way people practice yoga at home by making the yoga experience personal, social and rewarding.

We have developed and built MyYogaPro because we believe that practicing yoga at home can be so much more than just watching boring yoga videos. We have teamed up with one of yoga’s most aspiring new faces – Erin Motz – to develop a program that will help people take their yoga practice to the next level. MyYogaPro combines 16 in-depth yoga video courses with a cool way to track one’s progress, earn rewards for individual achievements and interact with other yogis along the way.


The Yoga Show

Woah! We’re absolutely stoked to announce a brand new original yoga series to our amazing community.

In the coming months, DoYouYoga will be launching what might very well be the first weekly, fully streamable and FREE video magazine that’s all about learning, practicing and living yoga. You’ve always been looking for a video version of DoYouYoga? Then you’ll love what we’re about to unleash!


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Freelance Graphic Designer

Are you a Photoshop wizard with experience in illustration, typography and creating creative viral graphics?

skyrocket Media serves kick-ass content to millions. And that's where you come into play. Every good article, every social media channel and every website needs graphics that not only look amazing but also reflect each brand's personality.

We’re looking for experienced freelance graphic designers with a wide array of creative skills. The jobs reach from working with stock photography, creating infographics and putting together awesome looking blog image work all the way to different kinds of hands-on design work with Photoshop.

Do you have the creativity, attention to detail and reliability that it takes to be part of our international team of digital media professionals? Then we'd love to hear from you!

Be sure to send us your portfolio along with your application.

Communication / Social Media Internship

Do you love to work on things that matter, with people that have passion and drive? Join skyrocket Media and help us grow a brand that serves millions.

skyrocket Media is a rapidly growing digital media company serving millions of lifestyle conscious consumers worldwide (www.skyrocket.cc). We build kick ass digital platforms and publish meaningful content that changes people’s lives. We don’t promote products, we create connections with real people and serve them the things they actually want. Founded in 2012, skyrocket Media now produces two original platforms with several more in the pipeline. Growing from zero to a combined reach of over 5 million monthly users in less than two years, skyrocket Media is taking things to the next level… and so can you.

Do you love working on your own projects, creating stuff and making ideas come to life?

We are looking for a highly motivated, creative and entrepreneurial intern to join our team and help us conquer the world (as per right now). You will be joining a globally spread team of young and passionate digital media visionaries. This role will give you invaluable learnings and hands-on experience in the fields of online marketing and digital media publishing. Are you ready to take responsibility and grow your skills on all levels? We’d love to hear from you!


Get in touch, forward thinkers!

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